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Streets like a jungle can
Something in the woods beer
Shakermaker Cask
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Streets like a jungle can
Shakermaker Cask

90's passion without the 90's taste

If like us, you're bang into your 90's Indie tunes & great craft beer then, you've come to the right place. We blend our beer styles along with our favourites tunes & fashion from the classic 'Britpop' era. Whether you are Blur or Oasis, there's something for everyone.
Cheers our kid!
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cheers our kid!

our history

Since 2017, we (Dan & Stuart) have been producing quality beers that we would have loved to of had back in the day whether at gigs like 'Oasis' at Knebworth park or 'Cast' at the Forum (to name a few).

The name comes from passion for Britpop culture plus love of craft beer & Bob's your uncle, BritHop Brewing Co. was born (in S.E London originally).

Starting out as homebrewers, after a very long process (& many errors) we created the core range you see today, with Sweet Symphony being the first produced commercially.

Started off contract & Cuckoo brewing in East Sussex and eventually took over the premises installing our own kit and now brewing around 2000L every brew.

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